Asteriod Quiz

Asteriod Quiz

Asteroid Day 2021 Quiz - Class 6-12th

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  1. Sanjana says:

    Amazing qiz

  2. Vikant says:

    Nyc work

  3. Sakshi says:

    The quiz was good

  4. Gitika says:


  5. Surinder says:


    • stemkit says:

      Thanks for participating in the quiz. Soon, we are coming with Kalam Young Scientist Innovation Award 2021, so please check our website regularly for the updates

  6. This is very good to improve our knowledge

  7. Naina Sharma says:

    Happyasteroid day!

  8. Abhishek says:


  9. Drishti giri says:

    Amazing quiz..

  10. Madhav says:

    Thank you Smartcircuits Innovation Private Limited for the amazing opportunity to provide us with such important and vital questions which we have learned over the years in our school and day to day lives. It helped me to challenge my skills and polish them. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you once again.

  11. Kirti says:

    This is the great quiz.

    • stemkit says:

      Thanks for participating in the quiz. Soon, we are coming with Kalam Young Scientist Innovation Award 2021, so please check our website regularly for the updates

  12. SUPRIYA says:

    The quiz was interesting,I hope all participants enjoyed

  13. Naina Sharma says:


  14. Naina Sharma says:


  15. Mehak sharma says:

    Encouraging quiz….realy love it…♥️

  16. Ishan says:

    very knowledgeable quiz

  17. Yana says:

    This quiz was mind blowing

  18. Ekam Virk says:

    The quiz increase my knowledge coming soon really very nice ❤️❤️

  19. Ekam Virk says:

    Quiz is very knowledgable ❤️❤️

  20. Kanishtha Khurana says:

    I I am very glad to have this quiz and this is very nice and knowledgeable quiz I really love this quiz happy asteroid day

  21. Niharika chandwani says:

    It was an enchanting quiz

  22. Mohit Mittal says:

    This is very easy and interesting quiz

  23. Aaditiya says:


  24. Aaditiya says:


  25. Sonamika jha says:

    This was an interesting quiz

  26. Sweety says:

    Amazing quiz

  27. Riddhi Singh says:


  28. Riddhi Singh says:


  29. Harman virk says:


  30. Aradhy Goyal says:


  31. Shivika Goyal says:

    Nice quiz

  32. Sripad says:

    It was a nice experience

  33. Mohit says:

    Very nice quiz

  34. Akshaini says:

    I really liked the quiz.. It was very interesting and worth it

  35. Khushi says:

    Great and interested quiz it is like to adventure

  36. Adhiseshan says:

    Very Nice quiz and amazing

  37. Gigyasha says:

    This quiz was very interesting…In this we got a chance to know about solar system…I really loved it…

  38. Jiya koranga says:

    Interesting quiz

  39. It’s very interesting to do this quiz, it will also increase our knowledge.
    *Thank You*

  40. Mahi says:

    Very nice quiz
    It will also increase our knowledge
    And this quiz is very interesting
    Thank you

  41. Shaurya says:

    It’s very interesting Quiz.
    I really like this Quiz .

    Thank you

  42. It’s very interesting to do this quiz, it will increase our knowledge and experience.☺️

  43. Mansi says:

    This quiz was amazing

  44. Bharti says:

    Very nice questions

  45. Bhartisaini says:

    Very nice questions

  46. Dipti Gariya says:

    Very nice question

  47. Khushi Chand says:

    Very nice question

  48. Shveta says:

    Amazing quiz

  49. Anuradha shivaji Salave says:

    Very nice question

  50. Manisha dimri says:


  51. sakshi Madhusudan Gupta says:

    Nice Quize

  52. Ananya says:


  53. Ashuta Rajendra Mulik says:

    Very greatful! This questions was amazing!!!

  54. Gautam Kumar says:

    Nice I love it

  55. Rishu Negi says:

    These question are amazing.
    I really like this quiz.

  56. Hrithika cc says:

    Really great questions.

  57. Ruhani says:

    It’s really helpful…

  58. Shlok Ashok Salunkhe says:

    It’s Great to participate in this Test

  59. Tanveer kaur says:

    It’s great and really helpful questions are given and It would increase our general knowledge.

  60. Anushka Gupta 9B says:

    very nice quiz sir

  61. Palak Thakur says:

    Knowledge is the key to success and encourags us to
    develop our mind.
    Be respectful and positive towards study.

  62. Abhishek chaurasiya says:

    There is a most Interesting questions

  63. Nachiket Bora says:

    Very interesting questions

  64. Kushal Gupta says:

    Nice question I like asteroids type questions.

  65. Ajay Gupta says:

    I likes this Quiz and we’ll questions about astroid.

  66. Nivid Agarwal says:

    VERY Awesome Quiz

  67. VIKRANT.S says:


  68. Jhalak says:

    Interesting question

  69. Yashika ✨ says:

    Best experience . Thanks for quiz very nice quiz it’s helpful.

  70. Divyam says:


  71. Rohit says:

    Very nice paper for knowledge

  72. Dwarika says:

    It was good.. I have gained very important information through this..

  73. Dwarika says:

    It was good.. I have gained very important information through this. Plz Send more and more quizes like that

  74. Aashvi says:

    It is very useful for us

  75. Faaiz Safeer says:

    It was a very good quiz

  76. Srishti Purwar says:

    It was very useful for us and it’s very good thank you for quiz

  77. Dharmistha Mohapatra says:

    It is useful for me and others excellent quiz

  78. Riya says:

    Awesome quiz

  79. Arpita Sahoo says:

    It was good experience

  80. YUVVAL BHASIN says:

    This was quite informative quiz, I enjoyed checking my knowledge on it.

  81. Harsh says:

    Best quiz and helpful for us

  82. Swagat Kumar Giri says:

    Such a informative quiz…. For our knowledge…. Thanking u

  83. Chatura. M says:

    nice!to do this question…………… I love these MCQ question ❣

  84. Suhana Minalla says:


  85. Harshitha jain says:

    really amazing questions

  86. R.Limitha Krishna says:

    I enjoyed a lot

  87. Tejal Sanjay Vinherkar says:

    It was a amazing quiz.. I got new things to learn.. It was knowledgeable and intresting to as i love space..

  88. Vineet says:

    I enjoyed to taking the quiz

  89. M. Deva karuna says:

    I like this quiz it was so interesting and we can know about it

  90. M.sree lasya says:

    I absolutely loved and nice questions

  91. Geet says:

    To good quiz

  92. Poojitha says:

    It is very nice for the children to improve

  93. Poojitha says:


  94. G.kalpana says:

    Very nice quiz

  95. Dwarika says:

    Excellent quiz..loved it a lot

  96. Dwarika says:

    Much awaited booster

  97. Dwarika says:

    Much awaited booster by everyone

  98. NIKHIL says:

    Yeah got good knowledge from this

  99. Sasi says:

    It’s a good quiz and it will help us to know more out of curiosity.

  100. Vanaja says:


  101. C. Lahari says:

    Very nice quiz I enjoyed a lot

  102. P.Bhavishya says:

    Fabulous quiz. Quite informative

  103. Karan Raj jena says:

    Very nice quiz i enjoyed a lot

  104. MOHAMMED SUREIM says:
    Nice quiz loved it!

  105. Anakha says:


  106. Aryan Sachdeva says:

    Very Good Test for boosting knowledge ….

  107. Akshay says:

    It is very interested

  108. K. S. ZaheerAslam says:

    it’s very good.children may gain some knowledge about space

  109. Cpraneeth Kumar says:

    Very good test for boosting knowledge….

  110. Very nice to all children’s to now more

  111. Tejaswini says:

    excellent quiz i am happy with this quiz

  112. I enjoyed the quiz ☺️

  113. Shreyansh Tyagi says:

    Such a wonderfull quiz
    Very happy with it

  114. Joya says:

    Amazing Quiz

  115. Yusha says:

    maam ,I like then amazing quiz .

  116. Priyanshu sahoo says:

    Just awesome

  117. Mohammed Rayhaan says:

    Thank you

  118. Navaneetha Krishnan.D says:

    Good questions

  119. M.vennela says:

    I like the questions and also I am excited to answer the question

  120. Aryan kumar says:

    The question were good and I like to reply on them

  121. Aryan kumar says:

    The questions were so interesting

  122. Aryan kumar prajapati says:

    The questions were so interesting

  123. Rinesh Tirkey says:

    The all questions are so interesting

  124. Agrima Singh says:


  125. K.Pranati says:

    Amazing Quiz

  126. K.Vamsi Krishna says:

    Thanks for this opportunity

  127. Aniket says:

    Nice quiz

  128. Aaroush Garg says:

    very nice quiz, helped me to learn more about our solar system.

  129. Aaroush Garg says:

    very informative quiz.

  130. Very nice Quize and enjoy

  131. Alibha Xaxa says:


  132. Priyanshi Tiwari says:

    It was an amazing Quiz……

  133. Chatura. M says:


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