Asteroid Quiz 1st-2nd

Asteroid Quiz 1st-2nd

Welcome to ASTEROID DAY QUIZ 2022

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15 Responses

  1. Shourya says:

    Very good you learn about *ASTEROID DAY*

  2. SURIYA DAS says:

    We learn about” asteroid day” we can gain our knowledge

  3. Mohini Sharma says:


  4. Learning new things

  5. Ryansh Goel says:

    Nice quiz

  6. Aarav says:

    Interesting one

  7. kameswari says:

    very good learning

  8. Meenakshi says:

    Very helpful for kids to learn easily about planets and Asteroid.

  9. Tarasha Bhambhani says:

    It was a complete survey on the solar system. Was interesting.

  10. Keshav Aggarwal says:

    Very nice and knowledgeable. My son enjoy this .

  11. Keshav Aggarwal says:

    My son enjoyed this as a game and become very happy after got the certificate. Thanks a lot .

  12. Yakshit says:

    Such a nice and amazing quiz for the children to learn about .ore on solar system

  13. Rehan Siddiqui says:

    Good Learning for Zara. Thank you so much
    Good Learning for us also

  14. DemirA says:

    DemirA enjoyed a lot

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